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we specialize in fire fighting equipment, safety, security and communication systems
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ZODEAK SYSTEMS LTD Specializes in Fire,Safety, Security, CCTV and communication systems , our aims and objectives are to provide qualitative and uncompromising services to the West African populace with Nigeria as our base. We also intend to partner with many reputable organizations in our area of specialization to make our goals become real.

Finally, we intend to create an enabling awareness to make the populace clearly conscious of their safety and security at all times. Thereby eliminating the prevalence blind Faith that there will be no call for safety only to begin a Fire Brigade approach during emergencies. It is not an understatement and can’t be over emphasized if we enable the citizens of West Africa to protect their lives and properties from Fire, by installing Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms and by adopting a minimum approach to their safety at work and in their houses and also equally securing themselves.
The number one person with regards to your safety and security of your live and property must be you first before others join.

We have been proved to be competent over some years in the above mentioned services. Please follow through this letter as we elaborate on the details of our areas of specialization and competence as follows:


We supply, install, commission and maintain all types of fire fighting equipment such as ABC dry chemical powder, fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide gas fire extinguisher, water carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, AFFF and FFFP Foam fire extinguishers, 30m x 19mm fire hose reel, fire hydrants, fire hydrant pumps etc.


We supply, install commission and maintain all types of fire alarm equipment such as fire alarm control panels from one zone to sixty-four zones. Ionization smoke detectors, heat detectors, thermal detectors, optical smoke detectors, ultra violent flame detectors, break glass manual call points, fire alarm bells and sounders. We also supply, install, commission and maintain all types of addressable fire alarm equipment such as one to six loops control panels and all the addressable detectors and loop sounders etc.


We supply, install, commission and maintain various types of automatic sprinkler system and equipment such as sprinkler head thermo speed in various finishes in brass, chrome and colored at 57 degrees, 79 degree etc. These also come in various sizes like 15mm, 10mm, 20mm, conventional, pendant, upright, side wall, horizontal mounted. We also install various sprinkler valves, deluge valves, wet system alarm station, sprinkler alarm valves, pre-action valve stations etc.


F M 200 is the world’s leading clean agent for the suppression because it doesn’t leave any oily residues, particulars, and water or corrosive materials F M 200 does not deplete stratospheric ozone and has a minimal impact on the environment that is why it is used to protect health care facilities, computer rooms, marine vessels, museums, libraries, historical buildings. In applications where space is at a premium, F M 200 fire suppression systems are the superior choice. The F M 200 agent is stored in cylinder as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen, saving huge amounts of storage space.


We supply, install commission and maintain all types of automatic extinguisher systems such as automatic carbon-dioxide systems including the double knock control panels, nozzles, pipes and sounders. We also supply, install, commission, maintain F M 200, gas, Argonite gas, carbon dioxide gas and other types of inert gases used in automatic extinguishing systems. These are mainly used to protect computer and communication rooms because it does not damage any electronic equipment and it has the faster response in fire extinguishing.


We supply, install commission and maintain electronic security such as burglary alarm control panels. Code operated, remote key pad operated and manually operated etc, passive infra-red motion detectors, door and windows, magnetic contacts, personal alarm push buttons, foot match alarms, automatic telephone speech dialer , etc.



We supply, install commission and maintain various types of access control systems such as video door phone entry systems, door phone entry systems, electronic card reader entry systems, electronic code entry systems, human hand reader entry systems etc.


We supply, install commission and maintain all types of lighting protection equipment such as non radioactive lighting protection head, copper tapes, copper nails, clips, earth rods, earth mats, insulating materials etc.


We supply, install commission and maintain various telephone, handsets digital and analogue PA BX, six to 200 extension, automatic voice switch board etc.