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 Novec 1230 Automatic gas Fire Extinguishing systems contains fluid which has a very low heat of vaporization, approximately 25 times less than that of water. This, along with a higher vapor pressure, causes Novec 1230 Fluid to evaporate more than 50 times faster than water. It also allows the clean agent to transition from a liquid to a gaseous state very rapidly when discharged through a nozzle, and readily achieve vapor extinguishing concentrations in air. With high extinguishing efficiency and a wide margin of safety, Novec 1230 fluid is a great alternative to water sprinkler systems, foam and dry chemicals due to:

• Low toxicity (no harm to personnel)
• Extinguishes fires in less than half the time of CO2 & inert gases
• No damage to sensitive equipment
• Not targeted for emission reduction or phaseout